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Uncle Gary's R. A. G. A. POST Restore Absolute Great Again MARVTASTIC MONDAY AIN'T -A- THAT GOOD NEWS? Ready for some good news on a few top issues facing the world today? Let us explore some of today's good news stories regarding #COVID19, the US 2020 Presidential Election & celebrations during October. COVID19 Recent data from credible sources like the University of Oxford ranks Cuba, Portugal, and the United Arab Emirates in the Top 10 countries with over 80% of their populations fully vaccinated. THE BIG LIE In Arizona, the so-called Cyber-Ninjas completed their controversial audit of the 2020 Presidential election that was encouraged by #Trump's refusal to concede. Nevertheless, the audit concluded that Biden Harris won with more votes than the originally counted & certified. SOCIAL MEDIA ETHICS Social Media platforms are addressing recent concerns & criticisms of valuing profits over the safety and well-being of its consumers. #YouTube Tube is committed to challenging vaccine misinformation. #Pinterest is stepping up on its support of minorities in business. CELEBRATING OCTOBER October has arrived & traditionally, the month is known for pre-winter festivals like Oktoberfests & other fun activities that sometimes help launch the holiday season. Despite inevitable cancellations, this year due to the pandemic, are there ways to create smaller versions of the larger events? #Oktoberfest originated in Germany, where the top celebrations are in Munich. Another huge, international October event is London's Cocktail Week, which continues until the end of October. In Malawi, the 2021 Lake of Stars Festival is canceled this year. I am not clear on Spain's Casa del Sol October Event. Still, it would be wise to include "The Human Pyramid," which involves acrobatics & human bodies connecting to build a giant structure that "reaches the sky." How is this good news? Unlike the total lockdown in 2020, we now have enough flexibility to be creative, safe & still have a MARVTASTIC time.