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Jimmy Mack's Pancake House

Updated: May 4, 2022

By Jim Mileski

I live in a 55+ community of modular homes. Directly behind me is a forest filled with large pine trees. Pines have shallow roots, which can be clearly seen by a few that have toppled over through the years. When the wind blows, it's not unusual to hear a sudden crack and the subsequent crashing of something somewhere in the forest.

When I discovered that Hurricane Henri was predicted to strike us with category four winds, I began to fret about what would happen if one of those trees fell on the house.

My fears intensified when I remembered that these homes are manufactured to withstand 110 mile an hour winds. Fortunately, we have never had a blow of that magnitude; but similar homes in Florida have, and their destruction was catastrophic. I was filled with despair that the same thing would happen here.

Several hours later, I was able to convince myself that worry is an unproductive emotion because there's absolutely nothing I can do about the impending storm, and took comfort that if a tree did fall upon the house, I would be part of the pancake and never know what hit me until I "came to" in heaven.

The next morning I was astounded to discover that there was some rain, heavy at times, but no wind and no sign of damage whatsoever. I do not know where Henri went to, but thankful that he did not come to call.

Later that day, I remembered reading about an old hotel with the following message etched upon some prominent wall:

"I am an old man and have seen much trouble, most of which never happened."


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